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If your renovation project or foundation repair will involve the removal of lally columns, our experts have got you covered. This kind of service requires specific knowledge and skill. Be sure to higher an experienced company that has the proper capabilities to remove your lally columns safely and efficiently.

What are Lally Columns?

“Lally column” is the architectural term for the long, round steel pipes placed vertically to provide support to beams or timbers. They are usually positioned in the middle of a span of beams to prevent sagging and flexing. Sometimes the columns are filled with concrete for extra strength. Lally columns are usually found in the basements of residential buildings and homes.

Can Lally Columns be safely removed without changing the structural integrity of the building?

Vertical columns all over the layout of an otherwise open space can be limiting, so removing them is a common request. Lally columns can absolutely be removed safely, but first additional support will need to be installed. Support beams will need to be placed strategically throughout your space before the columns are removed. Once that is complete, you can create the open space in your home you are looking for.

Can covered lally columns be removed?

Yes, whether your lally columns are exposed or not, they can still be safely removed. Our team is experienced in removing lally columns from all sorts of structures.

Do Lally Columns ever need to be replaced?

Yes, over time, metal lally columns can become rusty or damaged. Once this begins to happen, the columns are no longer providing full structural integrity and will need to be repaired or replaced. Our team can inspect your current lally columns and recommend the appropriate next steps.

When it comes to Lally Column removal or replacement, Cornerstone Structural is here to help. Reach out with any questions today!