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If you have sagging floors in your home or building, it may be time for joist sistering and repair. Sometimes, sagging happens when joists are damaged or undersized. This can happen over time in older buildings and homes or in a property that was not properly designed. The team at Cornerstone Structural can properly assess your joint damage and recommend the next steps.

What is a floor joist?

A floor joist is a board that runs under your subfloor. They run between the sill plates in your floor. They are supported in the center of your floor by the main bean. Damaged floor joists can cause dips in the floor or cause visually high or low spots. The low spots are caused by failing joists and the high spots are caused by less heavy loads.

What is the sistering floor joists process?

“Sistering” refers to installing another joist and connecting it to an existing joist. This will strengthen structural integrity and repair any sagging. An experienced team of professionals will need to inspect your space thoroughly to determine whether sistering joists are the proper repair method for your specific floor damage. This is not a project to undertake yourself, sagging floors are a serious structural problem that needs professional repair.

Why choose Cornerstone for your sistering joists repair?

Our team has over four decades of collective experience repairing and installing structural projects. We have a team of engineers we work with and have dealt with just about every kind of project you can imagine. We will give you an honest and transparent assessment of your repair needs while explaining the entire process. Whether you are starting a project from scratch or repairing an existing property, you can trust that you’re getting quality work from the Cornerstone Structural team.