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Removing or replacing structural carrier beams is a specialized operation that Cornerstone Structural has years of experience in. Since carrier beams are a main support element in your home or building, you will need an assessment and inspection before any plans are made or work can begin.

What are carrier beams?

A carrier beam is a spanning horizontal beam that carries the load of supporting beams or joists of the floor. They usually span across the floor from wall to wall. Floor joists are usually supported in notches cut out of the carrier beams. Usually, carrier beams are made of layers of solid wood.

What is the purpose of carrier beams?

Carrier beams are a main support element of your home. Over time they can become damaged or worn and will need repair or replacement to restore the building’s structural integrity. Repairing or replacing them can help to strengthen, straighten, and level your floors.  Even if your carrier beams are in great shape, you may want to remove them to create space for larger rooms or renovation projects. Load-bearing walls can be removed and replaced with carrier beams to create open spaces as well. This is entirely possible and can be done safely and efficiently by the Cornerstone Structural team.

Why choose Cornerstone Structural for your carrier beam project?

The expert team at Cornerstone Structural has over 4 decades of experience working on specialized projects like carrier beam replacement. We have a trusted network of top engineers that we work closely with to design and supervise jobs such as these. Each property and job is different, so we will work closely with you from start to finish to ensure your carrier beams are repaired or replaced properly. If you have any questions about the carrier beam replacement process, then give us a call!