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Cracking and bowing foundations are a common issue in New Jersey. We find ourselves fixing these issues every day. Harsh winter weather and hot summers only worsen existing foundation problems. Carbon fiber foundation repair is an engineered solution designed to restore the structural integrity of your foundation. This is a great cost-effective way to repair cracked and bowing foundations while maintaining structural integrity and quality standards.

When is Carbon Fiber Used For Foundation Repair

When your foundation becomes cracked or is bowing, it is usually due to hydrostatic pressures pushing from elements outside of the walls. Carbon fiber foundation repair stops these pressures from causing further damage. When installed properly, carbon Fiber foundation repair becomes a permanent solution for your damaged foundation.

The Process

Every job we perform includes permits and inspections. This is required for any foundation or structural repair work.  Especially if you ever plan to sell your home. When a prospective buyer sees that the foundation has been repaired, it is essential to provide the proper documentation. This proves that permits were involved and that it was repaired correctly and inspected. Before the carbon fiber foundation repair strap installation, all existing foundation cracks will need to be repaired. This is a necessary first step that many other installers do not take. It is a unique process where we grind all foundation cracks and fill them with repair grout.  A smooth surface is required for the new carbon fiber repair straps to be installed properly. After all the prep work is done, we will complete the carbon foundation repair process.  Your foundation will be permanently repaired once all the correct steps are taken. 

Why Choose Us for Your Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

Carbon fiber foundation repair and installation is a specialized service. Our team at Cornerstone Structural has years of experience performing this service with countless success stories. A faulty foundation repair can cause further, costly damage to your foundation without proper installation. We walk you through the entire process from start to finish and explain every step. We will answer all your questions beforehand, and if carbon fiber foundation repair is not right for your property, we’ll let you know and recommend a better option. Our goal is to give you the best foundation option that will last while giving you peace of mind that you will not have to go through this process again. Call us today if you have any questions.